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Silverpoint offers clients a set of specific advantages at every stage of the print experience. Some accrue from our commitment to quality, internal processes, systems and customer care, while others are linked to our long years of innovation and research in print techniques and value added services. Other benefits include those emerging from our location and our logistics support.

Taken together, all these factors contribute to an overall increase of value making the experience of working with one of India’s best known and quality conscious printers, a satisfying and cost effective one for all.

Easy access:
Our sheet fed plant is located very close to Mumbai city allowing easy access and supervision of jobs for clients.

Distribution and Logistics:
Silverpoint also undertakes special and customized packing (sea worthy as well as air worthy) for export consignments and provides transport and logistic support to all clients. Our in house mail room division can dispatch large volume products across the country and worldwide.

Value additions:
Years of experimentation and innovation with print techniques have given us the advantage of providing a host of superior value additions on our print jobs. They include UV 4 Colour, 4 Colour printing on spot foil, FM screening, fragrance coating, Lenticular (3D) Printing, Contour embossing and Micro embossing. More

A range of clients:
We have worked with a diverse set of clients across all leading business segments for over three decades and are experienced in handling special needs for all kinds of jobs.

Wide ranging capacities and in house functions:
Our machines have varying capacities and are able to simultaneously execute print runs for different volumes ensuring that all deadlines are met. Since all functions are in house our supervision and turnaround time meet all standards of efficiency

We have been among the first to introduce the latest technology and have regularly upgraded our capabilities. The use of CtP soon after its introduction allowed us to eliminate human error. Similarly the use of ERP systems at all our facilities ensures an efficient work flow. More

In house maintenance team:
We have an in house team of mechanical and electronics engineers trained by respective machine manufacturers who ensure that our machines run smoothly and are able to rapidly restore normal operations in the event of any breakdown.