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Silverpoint also specialises in value added services which further enhance the quality and impact of the final product. These include:

  • UV 4 colour: The 4 colour UV process enables us to print four colours on non absorbent substrates like metallised polyester films such as PVC, and metallic papers without incurring any additional time for drying.
  • 4 colour on spot foil printing: This technique is used to reproduce metallic effects by printing 4 colour on spot foiled areas. This allows us to faithfully reproduce metallic objects.
  • MIPP (Metallic Integrated Print Process): MIPP is a process wherein a metallic ink is integrated with 4 colour to achieve a metallic reproduction
  • FM Screening: FM Screening is a screening process without screen angles unlike conventional screening which leads to “Moire” patterns.
  • Fragrance coating: The sheet of paper is coated with a transparent encapsulated aqueous varnish. On rubbing, it releases the desired fragrance. Any fragrance can be coated on paper. We do spot and full coating.
  • 3D Printing: 3D or Lenticular printing process seeks to reproduce multi layered images to give a 3 d image and involves printing on a specialised lens.
  • Contour embossing:This includes embossing with three dimensional (multi layered) dyes which accentuate the finer details of the image and provide a 3D look.
  • Micro embossing: This process allows the embossing of very fine textures on paper.